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Nutrition Resources

  • Grocery List – Not sure what is considered healthy and fair in the challenge? Check out this grocery list. This doesn’t have everything, so when in doubt ask.
  • Examples of Daily Food Consumption – This document gives you an idea of what a good, decent and bad day of eating would look like.
  • Nutrition Basics – You know WHAT you can eat, but what quantity should you be eating? Read this to learn about portion sizing.
  • Whole30 – Great website with a ton of valuable resources on how to shop, how to eat healthy when going out or traveling, portion sizing and much more.
  • Performance Menu – The Performance Menu is an amazing resource on improving your technique, getting stronger and it even has example recipes. These recipes are geared towards serious weightlifters so sometimes they don’t meet our requirements, but most do. You can view an issue by clicking the title or you can start your own subscription at 25% off by using our Switch CrossFit discount code (switchCF453) here.
  • Power Athlete Guide to Nutrition – Power Athlete is a blog by John Welbourn, the creator of CrossFit Football, and a 10 year NFL veteran. In addition to training MLB, NFL and other professional and Olympic athletes, John travels the world lecturing on performance and nutrition.

Nutrition Links

The following 2 links are about the Zone Diet, by Dr. Barry Sears. The Zone diet is a nutrition plan built on balance and smart choices. This is a great option for people who are looking to improve their nutrition.

Zone Diet –
Dr. Barry Sears –

The following links are to website about the Paleolithic Diet, also known as the Hunter-Gatherer Diet or the Caveman Diet. The basic premise is to eat like humans did before the agricultural revolution. In the Paleo diet you don’t eat grains, processed foods, sugary drinks or anything else that doesn’t occur naturally in nature. These links explain the diet, talk about why it is so effective and give a lot of great recipe ideas.

Paleo Diet –
Hunter-Gatherer –
Robb Wolf –
Paleoista –
Paleo Plan –
paleOMG –
Steve’s Original –
Nom Nom Paleo –
Everyday Paleo –

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