Additional Resources

The following websites are excellent resources for additional information and will help you increase your knowledge of CrossFit and fitness and health.

Fundamentals Calendars




Exercise Links

Traveling Workouts

  • This is our list of workouts you can do while you are away from the gym with no equipment.

Performance Menu Journal –     Discount Code = switchCF453

  • This is a newsletter that has a WEALTH of information on Nutrition, Conditioning and Weightlifting. We have teamed up with Catalyst Athletics to get you a 25% discount on all Performance Menu subscriptions. I can’t speak highly enough of this journal and the value it provides.

CrossFit –

  • This link is the CrossFit HQ list of exercise explanations and videos. This has an explanation for pretty much any exercise you will encounter.

Paradiso CrossFit –

  • This is a link to the Paradiso CrossFit exercise videos. They are a CrossFit box near Venice, CA and their explanation of the movements is great.


Training Links

KrakFit –

  • This is Matt’s blog. You can find blogs about nutrition information, recipes, How To’s on exercises and fact based pieces on various fitness and health related topics.

CrossFit –

  • This is the website for CrossFit HQ. You can find pretty much anything you would want to know about CrossFit on this site.

CrossFit Football –

  • This is the website for CrossFit Football, a branch off of CrossFit. The workouts are geared towards training football players so they typically involve short sprints and a lot of weights.

CrossFit Endurance –

  • This is the website for CrossFit Endurance, another branch off CrossFit. If you are into Triathlons or other endurance sports then there are a lot of great resources on this site.

Mobility WOD –

  • Mobility WOD is a great source for learning how to increase your mobility, increase your flexibility, rehabilitate certain injuries and help with recovery.

Greyskull Barbell –

  • Greyskull Barbell is the gym owned by a very smart coach by the name of Johnny Pain. His gym used to be called Greyskull CrossFit until he branched off on his own. His website has a lot of great information on conditioning, nutrition and strength training.

Lift Big Eat Big –

  • Lift Big Eat Big is true to it’s name. It is a website with nutrition and training advice for the person who wants to get big and strong.

Westside Barbell –

  • Westside Barbell is a gym and website run by Louie Simmons, a major player in powerlifting. If you are looking for training advice with powerlifting or want to start competing as a powerlifter then this is a great site for you.

70’s Big –

  • 70’s Big is another website devoted to building strength. This website has some great nutritional information, blog posts, training advice and even awesome merchandise.

Starting Strength –

  • Starting Strength is the home to Mark Rippetoe, one of the biggest names in weightlifting. He breaks down the mechanics of the lifts better than anyone I have ever seen.


Nutrition Links

The following 2 links are about the Zone Diet, by Dr. Barry Sears. The Zone diet is a nutrition plan built on balance and smart choices. This is a great option for people who are looking to improve their nutrition.

Zone Diet –

Dr. Barry Sears –

The following links are to website about the Paleolithic Diet, also known as the Hunter-Gatherer Diet or the Caveman Diet. The basic premise is to eat like humans did before the agricultural revolution. In the Paleo diet you don’t eat grains, processed foods, sugary drinks or anything else that doesn’t occur naturally in nature. These links explain the diet, talk about why it is so effective and give a lot of great recipe ideas.

Paleo Diet –

Hunter-Gatherer –

Robb Wolf –

Paleoista –

Paleo Plan –

paleOMG –

Steve’s Original –

Nom Nom Paleo –

Everyday Paleo –


Equipment Links

The following are links to websites where you can buy fitness equipment. They have everything from barbells to kettlebells to jump ropes.

Skins Compression Clothing – (Use the code IAMSWITCHCF to get 20% off)

Rogue Fitness –

Fringe Sport –

Rage Fitness Supply –


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