At Switch CrossFit we offer a number of programs for different needs.

Call or email us to discuss the programs and what is right for your goals.

  • CrossFit Group Program –  Our core every day program.
  • SwitchFit – Like CrossFit with less intensity and without heavy weightlifting.
  • Beginner’s Bootcamp – A 6-week program to jumpstart your fitness.
  • Fundamentals Program – Short program to prepare for the CrossFit Group Program.
  • Personal Training – One-on-one training and program development.
  • Barbell Club – Focused on Olympic lifting.
  • Switch Legends – Designed specifically to meet the fitness goals of persons 55 and older.
  • CrossFit Kids – A fun way for kids ages 5-12 to get excited about health and fitness over the summer
  • Free Saturday Workouts – For those looking to try us out.

CrossFit Group Program

Our CrossFit program is our core program and what will give you the results you are looking for if you commit yourself to it. Every class will follow the structure below and be 1 hour long.  In this program there are “prescribed” exercises, which are what an experienced CrossFitter would do, as well as scaling suggestions for those who have less experience or strength.  In addition, if you have specific injuries or mobility concerns we scale the segments for your personal needs, so that you are able to get a safe and effective workout every time you come into Switch CrossFit.

  1. A 5-10 minute Warmup with both individual and group elements to improve the specific mobility necessary for the Strength/Skills and Conditioning segments.
  2. A Strength portion or Skills practice, depending on the day.  In this section you will either work on improving strength and form in Olympic lifting or other associated exercises, or focus on Gymnastics skills to improve flexibility, core strength and body control.
  3. After that will be the Conditioning segment, also known (famously) as the Workout of the Day (WOD). The WOD will typically take about 15-20 minutes and will focus on anaerobic conditioning paired with functional movements at high intensity.  This is what made CrossFit famous and what most non-CrossFitters are familiar with.
  4. We will finish with a cool down and mobility exercises to improve recovery and prepare you for your next workout!

We cap the classes at 15 people maximum, but classes are typically far fewer people, to make sure everyone gets the proper personalized attention from a trainer. These classes are a lot of fun! You’ll be working out with friends, pushing each other and getting motivated by some great music.


SwitchFit gives you all the daily variation and focus on functional movements of traditional CrossFit, while toning down the intensity and eliminating heavy weightlifting.

SwitchFit is perfect for those who want to experience the fun of CrossFit, but may have reservations about using the barbells or heavy weight. SwitchFit uses a variety of body weight movements, running or rowing, and objects like kettlebells, dumbbells or medicine balls to improve your health and fitness.

Classes are in a group setting and led by a highly qualified and credentialed instructor. The instructor will teach you all of the movements and adjust them to meet your abilities.

If you are looking for a great place to start your journey towards better health, look no further.

Switch Beginner’s Bootcamp

Switch Beginner’s Bootcamp is a 6-week program designed to jumpstart your fitness in a dynamic setting. During the Bootcamp you’ll receive guidance on proper nutrition, training on proper technique and workouts that will progress in difficulty at your pace.

The fee is $150 for a 6-week program and you get 12 sessions led by a experienced and credentialed instructor. She will teach you all of the movements, make sure you do them correctly, show you ways to modify them basic off your abilities and motivate you to reach your full potential. You will also get in-depth nutrition counseling to teach you how to cook and eat right. The best thing that your fee gets you is RESULTS! We don’t want you on an endless hamster wheel of wondering why you can’t get the body you want. We will guide you to the results you have always wanted and show you that they ARE achievable no matter who you are.

Each class will have a warm-up to get you loose and ready for exercise. After we warm-up we will work on the technique of our movements and build some strength in our core. Then we will get into our main workout portion, which will consist of a series of movements that are adjustable to people of all levels. At the end of each workout we will cool down and talk about nutrition to teach you how to maximize your results.

The accountability of your trainers and peers will allow you to get on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals. You can expect to improve coordination, endurance, stamina, flexibility and strength all while losing fat, inches and gaining confidence! Basically, you should do our Bootcamp for yourself; TO GET RESULTS!

Fundamentals Program

The fundamentals program starts with a free intro class where you will get a gym tour, learn what CrossFit is, learn how our classes work, get some nutrition basics and learn about our membership options. After that you will be enrolled in the fundamentals program, which consists of 5 different classes. Each class is focused on a different set of exercises and you don’t have to complete them in any specific order, you just need to attend all 5. You will learn how to properly execute all of the core exercises that we do in our daily workouts (WODs). You will get a taste of what a WOD is in a more beginner-friendly intensity. After your 5 classes are completed you will have all the knowledge and confidence you need to join our CrossFit program.

Sign up for your Free Intro Class now to get started in the Fundamentals program, and with the CrossFit Switch community.

Personal Training

If you are looking for a more personalized session, this is the option for you.  We offer personal training options that fit your schedule and your fitness goals.

Our personal training sessions are designed around you.

Contact us for more info or to schedule a session.

Personalized Training Program

  • Fitness Consultation — We will begin with a comprehensive consultation and body assessment to understand your fitness past and goals, and to establish your baseline.
  • Program Development — We will develop fitness programming specific to you, based on your past experience, fitness goals, current fitness level, schedule and more
  • One-on-one Class Sessions — The majority of the time will be spent working out.  You will have the one-on-one attention of head trainer Matt to get the best workout of your life in a safe and private environment.

Barbell Club

The Switch Barbell Club is a customized program with classes devoted entirely to Olympic Lifting.  In this program you will learn to maximize your snatch and clean and jerk by practicing these lifts as well as other movements for the purpose of maximizing these lifts.  These classes are intended for everyone, but designed for those interested in getting stronger and/or increasing weight and improving technique on the Olympic Lifts.

Switch CrossFit is the only Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Affiliate in the State of Michigan. As a Catalyst Athletics Affiliate we have displayed the knowledge and ability to provide elite training to our members through the Switch Barbell Club.

We have frequent internal competitions and will occasionally attend USAW sanctioned weightlifting competitions.

This is a fun, relaxed environment where you can get stronger and improve your lifts with a great group of people.  Access to the Switch Barbell Club is included with all memberships.

catalyst affiliate

Switch Legends

This program is designed specifically to meet the fitness goals of persons 55 and older. Exercise and keeping fit does not have to be grueling and uncomfortable. At Switch CrossFit we make it fun and goal-oriented.

55+ is an active generation living longer than generations before and with diverse fitness goals. Your goal might be to just get off the couch and get fit, keep up with grandchildren, maintain your golf driving distance, play pickle ball, run your first 5K, or compete in a sprint triathlon. To do any of these things sufficient strength, balance and flexibility are required and that’s what the Legends Program is all about.

You work out in a group class setting with people your own age. We meet 3 times per week for 1 hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:30 pm. Each workout consists of mobility exercises to warm up, a training segment where new skills are developed, a workout scaled to your ability and a cool down stretching segment.

When embarking on an exercise program no matter how fit we are, as we get older we must be more careful with injury prevention, recovery, intensity, nutrition and physical limitations. Legends start you out with a Movement Screening to assess your lifestyle and quality of movement (walk, stand, sit, bend, etc.). Classes focus on “functional fitness” that are movements related to daily life and each workout is tailored to meet your specific needs.

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CrossFit Kids

Your children are going to love CrossFit Kids! This program is all about making fitness fun to create a lifelong love of health and fitness for your child.

This program focuses on providing a safe, exciting and interactive environment that shows children that you can have fun without a television, video game or iPad.

This is a summer program so we do not do it during the school year.

Our Kids program is for children age 5 and older, and is split into two classes.

– Our “Tykes” class will be geared toward children aged 5-8.

 – Our “Kids” classes will be geared toward children aged 9-12. 

The age ranges are a simple guide for class placement, but the abilities and/or maturity of each specific child will be taken into consideration as well.

Gina leads our CrossFit Kids classes. She is a certified CrossFit Kids instructor and mother of a youngster herself.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about CrossFit Kids or to get started!

Free Saturday Workouts

Once per month we offer a free workout that is open to current CrossFit Switch members as well as non-members. If you are a member, this day doesn’t count in your weekly attendance, and if you have a 10 visit punch card this class doesn’t take up a punch. These workouts will usually be conducted in teams of 2 or more and will consist of basic exercises that anyone can do, even if you havent been through fundamentals.

The workouts aren’t as intense as the normal CrossFit classes because we want to give you a taste of what we do normally and have a lot of fun, even for people without the core movement knowledge acquired during the Fundamentals program. Following the workout we have brief nutrition discussion and a gym tour for anyone who would like to stick around. The Free Saturday Workouts are a great opportunity to meet people, learn about CrossFit and get your weekend started off on the right foot.

Contact us to learn about the next free Saturday workout.

Private Fundamentals Program

A second personal training option is our Private Fundamentals Program.  This is a great program if you are looking to join the main CrossFit Group Program, but would like one-on-one instruction to learn the movements and prepare, rather than go through the group Fundamentals Program.  This is also good if your schedule does not allow you to attend the regular Fundamentals classes.

The end goal of the Private On-Ramp classes is to graduate to the Group Class program.  This differs from the Personalized Training Program, which is not specific to CrossFit and the intent is to design a specialized fitness program for you.

Personal Training rates are varied based off the coach.  To schedule a session, or to get further information on Personal Training contact us.