We offer a number of membership options so that you can find one that works best for you.

A note on our membership fees

At first glance if you are unfamiliar with CrossFit these rates may seem high when comparing to a traditional gym like an LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness.  Our product though is very different.  Your classes will be small and have personal instruction and interaction with a highly qualified and certified trainer.  If you compare to personal training, and are going 3 sessions a week, the comparative cost would likely be somewhere around $720 a month (at $60 per session), plus you would need a gym membership on top of that.  In other words, we believe you are getting great value for your money and once experiencing Switch CrossFit you will as well.  In addition, all of our Membership Plans have no contracts.  We are confident you will love your experience and give you the option to leave at any time with no penalty if you desire.  Read more about price comparison in this blog entry.

Note that we offer a 20% discount on all memberships for military/fire/police.

Please call for our complete prices, discounts, and Kid’s CrossFit rates.

Standard Rates

Standard rates provide access to CrossFit, SwitchFit, Barbell Club, Open Gym, and Yoga programs, as well as discounts to BootCamp, Kid’s CrossFit and Personal Training.


 Switch Legends

Access to all Legends classes, all yoga classes, and open gym. Get more info and sign up.

  • $85 monthly


Access to all yoga classes.

  • $15 – Single session
  • $100 – 10 sessions