About Us

CrossFit Switch OwnersCall it coincidence, fate or luck but three major life changes happened to three people that resulted in the formation of Switch CrossFit. We are a family gym, owned by Matt Krakowski, his brother Rick Krakowski and his Dad Rich Krakowski, and we are the three people who had major life changes resulting in opening the gym.

Matt’s major life change was getting out of the Army after 8 years of service and trying to figure out what he wanted to do. He had a few options on the table but didn’t feel that any of them were the right choice. At this time Rick was going through his major life change, which was moving from New York City to Los Angeles. Moving out there, he didn’t know anyone and wanted to start getting back in shape. Since Matt had been doing CrossFit for a few years already he suggested that Rick finds a CrossFit gym to get back in shape and meet people. Rick followed Matt’s advice and joined Paradiso CrossFit. After a few weeks at the gym Rick, being the businessman he is, remembered Matt had an idea a few years back to open his own gym and decided to give him a call. Rick asked Matt what happened to that idea and suggested he open a CrossFit gym. Matt gave it some thought and did some research to see if it was a viable option. After a few weeks Matt decided that the gym idea was probably a pretty good idea and told Rick he was interested. Just prior to all this happening, Rich’s major life change took place, he retired after 38 years ┬áin the business sector. He had always been an active person and used his new free time to train for Triathlons. Although he enjoyed the training, he missed working and started doing some consulting occasionally. When Matt and Rick came to him asking if he was interested in opening a gym he saw that as his opportunity to not only get back into business, but to do it with his sons. After a lot of hard work, some speed bumps, a lot of learning and a couple debates the end result was what you see today in Switch CrossFit.

We are very proud to be family owned and run and even prouder to help people make life changes that will better themselves.”