How to Perform a Cluster

Video demonstration and instructions on how to perform a proper Cluster.


– Feet between hip and shoulder width (jumping stance)

–  Weight on heels

–  Back arched (good lumbar curve)

–  Hips above knees

–  Shoulders slightly in front of the bar

–  Bar in front of the shins

–  Arms locked out

–  Hands just outside of the knees


–  Accelerate through the heels to full hip and leg extension

–  Extend legs while hips and shoulders move simultaneously

–  Utilize bar against the hip ‘pop’ to accelerate bar up

–  Shrug with straight arms

–  Once hips, legs and shoulders are fully extended, utilize slight arm pull

–  Retreat under bar and land in a full front squat

–  Immediately drive up explosively and use that momentum to press the bar

–  Drive through the heels, keeping the whole body tight

–  Bar travels straight up, head accommodates bar

–  Lock out directly overhead with active shoulders