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Fitness is 80% diet and 20% hard work.  To reach your fitness goals you need a commitment to proper nutrition.  We provide ongoing nutrition education and consultation to help guide the way.

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With our personalized training you will finally get that body you have always wanted. Whether you want to lose fat, tone up, build mass or gain strength we can help you get there.
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With our focus on proper nutrition and functional movements you will greatly improve your overall health. You will feel better, have more energy, get sick less often and live a longer, happier life.

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  • team

    December 17, 2017

    Pre-Hab: External Rotation Smash PVC Pass Through Straight Arm Pull Warm Up: 5min Row Shuffle Step and Twist 20 Banded Internal Rotation 20 Banded External Rotation SWOD: Turkish Get up Set 1RM WOD:  “Happy Birthday Evan!!!” For Time: 45 Calorie Row -then- 3 Rounds: 15 Power Clean 15 Push Press 15 Box Jump -then- 45 […]

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  • holiday hootenanny

    December 16, 2017

    Closed for the 5th Annual Holiday Hootenanny

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  • defense

    December 15, 2017

    Pre-Hab: Wall Squat Fire Hydrant Box Rack Stretch Warm Up: 2 rounds: Shuffle Shuttle 10 Jumping Squat High Kicks 20 Alternating Press -then- 2min Triceps Smash 1min T-Spine Smash 30 Scapula Push-Up SWOD: Thruster Set 1RM WOD:  8mim EMOM: 1 Cluster 1 Behind the Neck Thruster 1 Split Jerk -Rest 4min- 8min EMOM: 1 Power […]

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What others are saying…

As a female, joining a CrossFit gym was a big decision. I hate to say it but I was intimidated. My stereotype was that I would be joining a gym with a bunch of huge dudes that laughed at girls trying to work out. I was totally wrong. By joining a CrossFit gym you are joining a community of health minded people – men and women. In my experience of CrossFit, I found a group of people who were genuinely interested in fitness because they really cared about their health and were interested in taking their bodies to the next level. There is a certain kind of commitment in the air at a Crossfit gym that you just don’t get at a regular gym. Now you might still be wondering if it’s too ‘intense’ for you. It’s a good question to ask when considering CrossFit. The most important factor is going to be the skill level of your leader and I can certainly endorse Matt Krakowski as an amazingly talented and very inspired CrossFit trainer. Is CrossFit really hard? Will you question whether you can get through the workout? YES, BUT you are going to be so proud of yourself and amazed by what your body can do and how it can look that I promise you will never think of a workout in the same way.

Adriana CrossFit Testimonial Pic

I am a 32 year old ex-athlete that has struggled with going to the gym and staying in shape over the last few years.  Although not obese, I saw my weight creep up and muscle tone decrease little by little. I tried going to regular gyms, but could never stay committed.  I always felt that when I went to the gym it was inefficient and a waste of my time.  Matt is my brother and had kept trying to convince me to try CrossFit.  When I moved to LA I wanted to get healthier and meet people, so I finally decided to take his advice and I joined Paradiso CrossFit in Venice.  It was the best decision I could have made for my fitness and health.  Now I LOVE CrossFit (seriously).  Not only have I gotten MUCH stronger, but I have also lost 15 pounds and am at a weight I haven’t been since I was playing soccer in high school — in about 6 months!  I am also the most cut I have ever been.

I look forward to coming each day because the efficiency of the workouts always makes me feel that it is worth my time and highly effective, and I have clearly seen the results to support that.  In addition, the challenge of the gymnastic and olympic lifting elements has kept me mentally interested as well.  CrossFit is a sport in itself, and it is a good way for athletes and ex athletes alike to resume that competitive feeling.  I have also adopted the full health mentality and am now eating much healthier as a result of joining the CrossFit community.

If you are like me — just starting to get out of shape and don’t have time for the gym — CrossFit is the program for you.  You are in and out in a hour.  Yes, you will feel crushed every time you go — but that feeling means you are working hard and the results will inevitably follow.

Rick Switch CrossFit testimonial

Back in November 2013 I went for my yearly physical.  When I stepped on the scale and saw 198lbs I knew something had to be done. It was the heaviest weight I have ever been my entire life. I could definitely feel my unhealthy habits, felt sluggish, had low energy and was intimidated about taking my shirt off. I was down to only 1 pair of jeans that I could fit into and refused to buy a bigger size. 

My only form of exercise was running on the treadmill, always wanted to try weights but had no idea what I was doing. I had to try something different. I over heard a friend talk about CrossFit; thought I would do some research. It seemed to be what I was looking for.  I then signed up for a free intro class and became a member that day. 

The WOD’s (Workout Of the Day) were rough in the beginning, had to modify the workouts to my ability with constant muscle soreness,  knew it would only get better from here. Ever since then I’ve seen great changes to my body, my clothes were starting to fit looser, and I have a lot more energy. Learning more about healthy eating along the way and participating in 2 “Make the Switch Challenges” has helped change bad habits and has created new healthy ones. I’ve lost a total of 38lbs, currently in the best shape I have ever been in my life and feel awesome! The unique/varied training, the community, and coaching has all changed my life and the way I now view fitness. I wouldn’t have achieved these results if it wasn’t for the knowledge, instructions and tough love that the trainers at Switch have provided. 

sal b